SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

Roll Call & Introductions
The meeting was called to order at 11:45 P.M. by Co-President Shirley Schorer.
Clubs Represented: Capital City FSC, ISC of Fresno, Peninsula SC, St. Moritz ISC, The SC of San Francisco, Santa Rosa FSC, Stockton FSC, Tahoe FSC, University ISC of San Jose & Vaca Valley FSC.

Absent: No Clubs absent.

A quorum of 10 clubs were present with 19 delegates & 2 guests.

Agenda Review
Shirley Schorer reviewed the agenda. The National Showcase was added to the agenda.

The Minutes of the June 10, 2017 were accepted as written.

Meeting Committee
Lisa Erle reported that the next meeting will be at Mimi's in Concord on January 20th starting at 11:30 with lunch being served at 11:45.

Treasurer Report
See attached report.

Sandy read part of a email she received from Jeanne Siu thanking CCIA for honoring her in the CCIA history of skating. She said it has been a wonderful & integral part of my life, My life & the lives of my children have been positively enriched by the experience .

Competition Committee Report
A. 2017 CCIA Competition
Mary Panyan thanked her committee Lisa Erle, Ellen Izuka & Sandy Hopson-Davis. She thanked St. Moritz for a great job they did with the competition. They made $9,000 profit. See attached report.

B. 2018 CCIA Competition Bid Assignment
No bids were received . Mary will send out the information again. The SC of San Francisco & Santa Rosa said they might bid.

C. 50th Anniversary of CCIA Competitions
Shirley reported that 2018 will be the 50th year of the CCIA Competition. A discussion on what to do was discussed. A discussion on having a CCIA Founders Trophy for best overall performance for Preliminary Freeskate. It was decided to have this trophy which will be paid for by CCIA. Veronica Nebb made a motion to spend $100 plus tax & shipping for this trophy. Seconded by Sam Singer. The Competition Committee will get the trophy & on the trophy it will say 50th CCIA Competition.

Judges Bureau Report
Beshara reported that 17 test session were held. You can google the calendar for test information. It is working well for Trial Judges to see where the tests will be held.

Music Bureau Report
Marc DeContreaus reported for Gary Schroeder. The 2 CCIA laptops were reported dead. They have the mixer & speakers but no laptops. Veronica Nebb moved we purchase 1 new laptop for $750 with Dave Hopson, Marc DeContreaus & Veronica Nebb as the Committee. Seconded by Sam Singer.

Since we are in need of music people & announcers Marc DeContreaus will be the contact for prospects.

An inventory will be taken of all the CCIA equipment & labeled. The Secretary will keep the inventory list.

A discussion was held as to where the CCIA equipment should be stored. This will be deferred until the January meeting.

Gary Schroerer & Heather Collins have reported they are fazing out.

Collegiate Committee Report
Marc DeContreaus reported if any college students who are on synchro teams have a problem with parking permits let Marc know.

CCIA Website
Page Schorer reported that the Domain name has been changed. Shirley reported she will start a new series of past CCIA Competitions. The first competition was a Novice Competition in 1967 with Marge Schleh & Joan Burns as chairs.

Old Business
A. 2019 Regional Bid
Marc DeContreaus reported he was notified that Centrals was awarded to Vaca Valley FSC.

B. 2018 Nationals in San Jose
Cary Benjamin is working with Candy on volunteers. They need overall chairs for the following: credentials, music, announcers, ice monitors, hospitality, awards & transportation. If anyone is interested contact Lisa or Candy.

Shirley will send out the information.

As of now no money will be given for Clubs but this will be addressed on October 19th. Volunteers compensation will be addressed in mid October. Budget is very small.

C. National Solo Dance 2017
DinhTran was 1st in Intermediate Combined Championship Round.

D. Stars Combine
They had 32 skaters & everything went well.

E. National Showcase
Veronica Nebb reported it was a lot of fun & work. The officials dinner was held in the Museum which was very nice & the food was great.

New Business

A. Adult Competition Series
A competition series for Adult Bronze & lower has been established. The signup started July 1 & ends on December 30. The fee is $20.00. For more information go to the USFS
Website under Programs Adult Competition Series.

1.Anne Symanovich received her Gold Dance appointment.
2.The Skating Club of San Francisco will hold their 5th Gala Showcase April 7, 2018. The theme will be Olympic Showcase featuring Brian Boitano.
3.Dance Weekend will be next weekend.
4.Golden Bear Skate will be January 27 & 28, 2018.
5.Filing paper work for Competitions that skaters want to get test credit need to have clubs consistent in what they charge.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Sandy Hopson-Davis
CCIA Secretary