History of the Central California Interclub Association (CCIA) Formation
(provided by Howard Taylor)

On September 17, 1965, a dinner meeting was held at the Hotel Claremont in Berkeley, to discuss the possibility of forming a Northern California Interclub Association. Those present were: George Yonekura, Howard Taylor, Daryce Anderson – St. Moritz ISC; John Rogers, Edy Shoemaker – SC of San Francisco; Bill Munns, George Tickner – Walnut Creek Winter Club;
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cook, Dr. and Mrs. Aikin – Santa Rosa FSC; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schleh –Capital City FSC; Bob Sacket, Bob Myers – El Camino SC; Jack Shoemaker, President USFSA – SC of San Francisco. Invited but not present, Jean Landresse – SC of Fresno.

The general discussion at the meeting set forth what the new association could accomplish:

1. Promote amateur skating more efficiently.
2. Provide a common calendar of events for the year.
3. Provide a place to discuss problems, exchange ideas and information
4. Co-Sponsor large events.
5. Promote better relations among clubs in the area.
6. Form a Central Judges Bureau.

The first CCIA competition was held in 1969 in Corte Madera, which proved to be a huge success and a marathon event. Unaided by personal computers, copy machines, or modern sound equipment, these pioneers embarked into unknown territory. There was only one major glitch - the compressor that kept the ice frozen apparently kept failing and the competition was delayed numerous times. As one of the members put it, it was difficult to wake up the little skaters in the middle of the night and tell them it was their turn to skate. The competition ended about 2:00 AM with everybody happy but exhausted.

In June of 1971, the first edition of the Bylaws for the then newly named Central California Interclub Association (CCIA) was published.

Update of the Central California Interclub History
(provided by Shirley Schorer, CCIA Meeting Chair on Oct. 24, 2015)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Central California Interclub Association, a luncheon meeting was held at Spenger's Fresh Fish Grotto in Berkeley on Sunday, Sept 27, 2015. The meeting began with an acknowledgment of thanks to Howard Taylor for forming the CCIA, followed by moment of silence in honor of this important influence on local and national figure skating.

9 out of the 10 CCIA clubs attended this luncheon meeting. Ice Skating Club of Fresno did not attend this luncheon. Each club may send 4 delegates to attend the quarterly meetings, although guests are welcome. Those present were: Capital City Figure Skating Club- Denise Soroka, delegate; Krista Fenske, delegate; Sandy Hopson-Davis, delegate & CCIA Secretary; and Dave Hopson, guest. Peninsula Skating Club- Beshara Elmufdi, delegate & 2015 CCIA Nominating Committee member; Patt Martin, delegate & Judges Bureau Chair; Ellen Izuka, delegate; and Heather Collins, delegate. Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club-Patty Collis, delegate; Andrea Ewing, delegate & Calendar Manager; and Veronica Nebb, delegate and CCIA Treasurer. The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc.- Page Schorer, delegate & CCIA Webmaster; Shirley Schorer, delegate & CCIA Meeting Chair; Sam Singer, could not attend, and Emma Kim, delegate. St Moritz Ice Skating Club- Lisa Erle, delegate & 2015 CCIA Nominating Committee member, Jean Fahmie, delegate & CCIA Co President could not attend. Stockton Figure Skating Club- Betsabe Elizaalde, delegate; and Alex Franco, delegate. Tahoe Figure Skating Club- Alex Furrer, delegate and Patricia Furrer, delegate. University Ice Skating Club of San Jose- Mary Panyan, delegate & 2015 CCIA Nominating Committee member; Robin Pape, delegate & CCIA Collegiate Committee Chair; and Jillian Hately, delegate & Competition Committee Chair could not attend. Vaca Valley Figure Skating Club- Gary Schroeder, delegate & CCIA Music Chair; and Marc DeContreaus, delegate & CCIA Co President, who presided over the meeting.

Along with the Board and Committee reports, these agenda items were discussed-

The Competitions Committee report on the 2015 CCIA Competition hosted by Stockton Figure Skating Club, June 27-28, 2015.

Preparations for the 2016 Central Pacific Figure Skating Championships hosted by the Central California Interclub Association, Oct 3- 5, 2015 at Shark's Ice in San Jose.

Updated in January of 2016 by Shirley Schorer

The Central California Interclub Association hosted the 2016 Central Pacific Figure Skating Championships and Non-Qualifying competition on October 3-5, 2015 at Shark's Ice in San Jose. CCIA made $5,732.32 hosting the very successful 2016 Central Pacific Figure Skating Championships and Non-Qualifying competition; however, the CCIA lost money on the practice ice portion of the event.