FOR JANUARY 11, 2020


1.    Roll Call & Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 11:17 A.M. by Co-President Lisa Erle.

Clubs Represented:  Peninsula SC, St. Moritz ISC, The SC of San Francisco, Santa Rosa FSC, University ISC of San Jose, Vaca Valley FSC, Stockton FSC. 

Absent:   Capital City FSC & ISC of Fresno

13 delegates representing 7 clubs & 1 guest which indicated a quorum.

2.    Secretary
The minutes of June 2019 and September 2019 were presented.  It was noted that no changes were actually needed to the June minutes. 

Motion by Patty Collis, 2nd  by Andrea Ewing to approve the minutes, motion passed unanimously with Veronica Nebb abstaining.   

3.    Meeting Committee
Discussion was had regarding the meeting format.   A suggestion was made to consider community meeting room, rinks or libraries.  It was noted that each of these options presented challenges.  Rinks are generally not available and charge fees, Library and Community meeting rooms are a challenge due to logistics and availability.  Having an earlier start time or splitting the lunch time from the meeting time was also discussed.  Teleconference meetings were also discussed.  It was suggested that one meeting a year could be by teleconference.  Such would require a change to the By-Laws to permit and that such meetings are often difficult in terms of participation.  It was suggested that before making such a change, the organization do a trial teleconference meeting. 

Motion by Sam Singer, 2nd by Veronica Nebb that the April 11, 2020 meeting be conducted via teleconference as a trial.  The motion passed unanimously. 

4.    Treasurer Report
Treasurer Reports for September 14, 2019 and January 11, 2020 were presented by the Treasurer. The Treasurer also provided a report on a 7-year analysis of the income and expenses of lunch meetings for the organization.  The Treasurer’s reports were accepted as presented. 

Discussion was had regarding whether the legacy fund should be placed into an interest-bearing fund.  It was pointed out that the administrative costs of such a change would exceed interest earnings given current very low interest rates.   

It was reported that it was believed that VVFSC had not paid for Music Equipment for RWB.  Gary Schroder reported that he would look into the question and report at the next meeting.

5.    Correspondence
Nothing received.

6.    Competition Committee Report.
2019 CCIA financial report was presented by Veronica Nebb and Lisa Erle (Capital City absent from meeting).  It was reported that Capital City has suffered a loss as a result of a problem in obtaining a videographer (needed for IJS).  It was noted that Capital City FSC was requesting CCIA reimbursement of $1,400.00 in accordance with the policy to reimburse any club suffering a loss as a result of hosting the CCIA competition. 

Motion by Lisa Erle, 2nd Mary Panyan to have the CCIA General Fund reimburse Capital City FSC $1,400.00.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Discussion was had regarding the 2020 Competition which will be hosted by St Moritz. It was reported by Lisa Erle that there was a need to change the date of the competition to the weekend of 6/19/20 due to the rinks schedule. Conflicts with that date were discussed, but it was noted that it was necessary to change the date regardless of any conflicts.    

7.    Judges Bureau Report
It was reported that no inquiries for judges have been received.

It was reported by Sam Singer (monitor) that Joy Jin has received her gold singles/pairs judging appointment.  It was reported by Ellen Izuka that Beth Bottos received her Regional music appointment.  

8.    Music Committee Report
The music committee had no report.

9.    Collegiate Committee Report
It was reported that St. Moritz would be assisting with the hosting the Cal inter collegiate competition on February 1 and 2 at Oakland Ice Center. The competition has 278 starts this year, up from 2 years ago. 


10. CCIA Website
Scott Davis reported on the update to the CCIA Website and noted that he needs info from the clubs relating to upcoming competitions. 

11.Old Business
Excel Series Events: Upcoming competitions were noted.  Rising Stars in Dublin, Crystalline, and Spring Jubilee were mentioned. 

Judges School: Sam Singer noted that he had reached out to Jed Hopkins regarding the hosting of a judges school in the Bay Area but had not heard anything back.  Sam will follow up regarding whether trial judges could be approved for the CCIA comp. 

New Business
NQS:  It was reported by Lisa Erle that NQS is expected to be wide open again for comps between 6/5 and 9/13 meeting the standards.  Must sign up online by 2/1 to be part of series.  Mary Panyan will apply for CCIA 2020 Comp to be part of the series.  Scott Davis will add that information to the CCIA Website.  Lisa Erle noted that EMS is required to be used for all Qualifying events for NQS comps. 

Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals:  Sam Singer reported the event will be March 6-8 at Yerba Buena, hosted by SCSF.  Entries close 2/2/20 and no late entries will be accepted. Expected schedule is Friday 6PM -9PM, Saturday 8AM-9:30PM and Sunday 8AM-6PM.  CCIA music system will be needed.

2021 and 2022 Qualifying Events:  Lisa Erle reported that Bid applications are open for 2021 and 2022 events. Deadline for bids 3/1/2020.

2021 Championships San Jose- Veronica Nebb reported that the SJSA had reached out asking for a meeting to discuss CCIA help with volunteers for the event.  Veronica and Lisa Erle will be meeting with representatives of SJSA and will report back. 

By Law Review:  It was note that by law review should be undertaken this year.  Lisa Erle, Veronica Nebb and Jean Fahmie volunteered to serve as the review committee.

 Lisa Erle noted that 2019 NQS standings are final and posted on US Figure Skating Website. 

Mary Panyan thanked St. Moritz for hosting a great synchro competition.  

Sam Singer notes that clubs should get official’s invites out early for NQS events.

Jean Fahmie announced the Stars Combine is upcoming.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Veronica Nebb on Behalf of Sandy Hopson-Davis
CCIA Secretary