APRIL 11, 2020


The meeting was called to order at 11:12 A.M. by Co-President Sam Singer.

Clubs represented: Capital City FSC, ISC of Fresno, Peninsula SC, St. Moritz ISC, The SC of San Francisco, Santa Rosa FSC & Vaca Valley FSC.

Absent: Stockton FSC & University ISC of San Jose.

A quorum of 7 clubs were present on the conference call.

Agenda Review

The 2020 Governing Council Review was deferred.

Special Meeting Items

A. Bylaws change
Discussion was held that we couldn't vote on this item as it needs to be done in person & not over the phone as it is prohibitive by California Law.

It was agreed on principle with no objections to the Bylaw change which will be voted on at the June meeting.

B. 2021 CP Regional Challenge
Presentation by Jessica Gaynor

Jessica Gaynor presented her view at combining the Northwest  Pacific & Central Pacific in Wenatchee this year.
She talked to the  Interclub in Salt Lake along with Pam Dawson who is  Co-Chair of Northwest Pacific & Central Pacific. Pam was willing to split the two regions.  She is willing to provide a letter of support to have it a another site.  The air flights to Wenatchee would cost between $300 to $600 with little planes & with not many flights. If you fly into Seattle & drive to Wenatchee is a 4 hour drive.

They only have 2 ice surfaces  & the 3rd surface is 1 & 1/2 hours away. Jessica is working with Pam & USFS for this year.

Sam said no outreach from Headquarters or Vice Chairs when no bid from our area as in the past. Salt Lake clubs are going to submit  bids.

In the future we need to make sure we submit at least 1 bid from our area which is Salt Lake, Central Pacific & Las Vegas. Could we also reach out to the other Interclub's to help prevent this from happening again.

Jessica will have a telephone meeting with Mia on Monday about this issue. She will send to the Co-Chairs the results of the meeting. This will be sent out to the delegates.

C. Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee will be past Co-Chairs who are Jean Fahmie, Andrea Ewing & Beshara Elmufdi.

D. 2020 CCIA Competition status
All NQS competitions are on hold for June.  It was decided to wait until  May 15th to see if we will have to cancel this year's competition.

Next Meeting
A In person meeting will be held June 6th at 11:30AM at a site to be determined.  If the stay at home ban is not lifted then we will have another Teleconference.

Governing Council Review
This will be held on Saturday April 18th at 11:10AM on Zoom. Troy Goldstein will give us a review on the budget

The meeting was adjourned at 12:26 P.M

Respectively submitted,

Sandy Hopson-Davis
CCIA Secretary