• CCIA serves 10 full member clubs from the Greater Northern California Bay Area and two associate clubs from surrounding areas.

Provides a forum to discuss issues common to the member clubs and the area's skaters and, thus, facilitating solutions that best promote skating in the area. This purpose is accomplished through:

  • Coordinating a calendar for nonqualifying competitions and other skating events
  • Establishment of a Judges Bureau - maintains a testing calendar listing dates of tests, contact person and the tests to be judged. This information is disseminated to all judges, trial judges and test chairpersons. In addition, the Judges Bureau chair is responsible for seeking the availability and assigning outside-of-club judge(s) to each test session.
  • Providing opportunities for training of officials
  • Co-hosting an annual nonqualifying competition
  • Purchased both a music system and an IJS communication system. These are rented out to the member clubs for a nominal fee. The fee is designed to cover maintenance and expansion for each of the systems