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Pacific Coast Sectionals 2023 

Hosted by Skating Club of San Francisco

Schedule Draft

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CCIA 2023 Competition Update

Please check back for competition date and host.


A wonderful article on Marcella May Willis and Jimmy Lochead Jr.


Sam Singer Honored at Governing Council

Sam Singer is being honored at the 2019 U.S. Figure Skating Governing Council for his 50 year judging career. Kudos to you, Sam! The Skating Club of San Francisco expresses its gratitude for your expertise, and devotion to figure skating. You are an exemplary official who has served with tact, courtesy and an immense understanding of our sport. We thank you for your invaluable contributions


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Announcing The National Qualifying Series

Attention! The National Qualifying Series (NQS) Skater Application is NOW open via EMS, click HERE for a direct link!

USFS members have through May 28th to register for the series. Note, this is step ONE of the new qualifying pipeline and participating athletes must register for each NQS separately (step two), in addition to the qualifying season from July 15th through September 1st (step three).

For more information- The updated LOC EMS Guide HERE (with table of contents), in addition to Skater + Coach guides.


The tests refresh project, approved by the 2017 Governing Council 

Goes into effect Sept. 2, 2018. New test forms will be used for all tests starting Sept. 2, 2018.

In this phase, the following changes will occur:
1. A marking transition from the 6.0 scale to a mark on a -3 to +3 scale.
2. Two new passing categories will be added: “pass with honors” and “pass with distinction.” To earn honors or distinction, a majority of the panel must mark the test at that level or higher. For example, in a three-judge panel, if the results were pass, honors and distinction, the overall result would be honors.
3. Three marks, elements, skating and program, will now be used for singles free skate, pairs and free dance tests. For pattern dance tests, the three marks are technique, timing and expression.
4. The serious error restriction rules, which mandated a retry test result, will be removed, allowing judges to use their judgment about the composite of the test while taking into account the prevalence and severity of error to determine the test result.
A handbook for tests is now available. This resource is all encompassing and includes the new changes referred to above. To download this handbook click here.